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​Artist statement

Most important thing for my art is to aware the unconscious by encounter the art. I carefully drawing art the connection between the body and emotions.  I seek for the expression that are close to the senses.

When I was an exchange student to Norway, going to the museum was peace of my mind. Art was something special beyond the language. In a word, it was touching, relief, and hopeful.

Through the experience that my emotions spring up when I appreciate art I majored in aesthetics at university and have been thinking about perceptual issues in art. And learning psychology, I emphasize on the connection between the body and emotions in my art work.


It is difficult for us to see the real world completely objectively. Our spiritual world seen through various emotional filters changes with the art and expands the possibility of human's recognition.


I draw and watch as if I use one language to connect with someone who I will never know.









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